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An experienced Sussex-based graphic design freelancer, specialising in supporting local small businesses with websites, print design, social media, and marketing.


James Brooks Design offers exceptional quality and honest services at budget-friendly prices.

Carefully designed with you in mind


Design is so much more than arranging words and picking out fonts and pictures. It’s representative on many levels - reflective of your business, your ethos, the event, product, or service. Of you. Every line, shadow, image, font, colour and sparkle has its own story to tell. Always chosen, constructed, and positioned with a definitive reason in mind.

building trust and understanding


Creating a business identity or something more personal, whether it’s a one-off project or a longer-term arrangement, is all about the relationship built between client and designer. Open communication builds trust and understanding which makes the whole process a lot easier, productive and successful on both sides.

excellent quality, outstanding value

 I have a genuine interest in helping clients to get the most out of my services - providing advice, suggestions and solutions, getting as excited and enthusiastic about the project or business as my clients, and providing excellent quality at a cost that offers outstanding value. As one client says, “James is very easy to pay”, which always makes me smile.


Whether you need something professionally designed and printed, want help getting your business online with a website and social media presence, or like the idea of a freelance professional on the team on a longer-term basis to handle your marketing, I’m here.


Please get in touch and let’s show off your business or project in the best light possible.


Let's start a gorgeous project

What you'd like some help with (choose all that apply)

Keeping in Touch

Here's the legal part. I will be responding to your enquiry as soon as I can by email or phone - whichever is most appropriate. Obviously, it's useful to keep in touch with clients and people who enquire about my services. I use email to do this and I don't see the point in annoying people by bombarding them. So, perhaps you'd like to hear from me every few months with any news and helpful articles, or useful new products and services that could help you in marketing your business. Again, I promise not to bombard and you can remove yourself from my list at any time by emailing Please check the box below if you would like to keep in touch beyond your initial enquiry.

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