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I love a good poster and it’s a great way to promote an event, either by displaying your posters in-house or by getting them placed (with permission, of course) in prominent, strategic positions.

from A4 to A0 - let's get eye-catching!

The most popular size, by far, is A3 which offers enough space to make an impact, but large-format posters have a certain wow-factor and can be used in A-Board signs, display cases, and in larger windows.


The trick to a good poster is not to over-crowd it with information. Like most forms of marketing, it’s a shop window with which to seduce your potential customer into finding out more.


Your website address or place where the full information is held, including ticket sales if appropriate, should always be clearly displayed and you can also add a QR code so that people can just point their phone at the poster and get taken, as if by magic, directly to the web page.

A poster should be in keeping with your brand with compelling graphic design to attract the eye. Good use of an appropriate font set - a minimal number of fonts (not ‘Comic Sans’) will lay out the information in an easy and eye-catching way.


If you are looking to display your poster in a media display unit or A-Board that is outside and therefore might be at the mercy of the weather, then you can also print PVC posters which will keep them looking great for longer.


Poster Portfolio

Let's start a journey together and make your business look as amazing as it is!

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