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Flyers & leaflets are another fine method of getting your message out there in a targeted way. Always use both sides of the paper (a blank page is wasted ‘real estate’ as they say) with perhaps one side as your ‘impact’ message and the other featuring all the details.

hand out your message!


Flyers and leaflets are pretty versatile. If you're a venue, you can have a small stack in-house for an event or if you have a special offer or discount available you can place the details into the hands of your potential customers. You can post them through doors in strategically targeted areas (if you want to go large with your campaign, there are a number of flyer distribution companies that will take on the leg-work for you) and, if you have a flyering licence, you can hand them out in busy footfall areas. It can be useful to have a stack of them in strategic places, e.g. community and business venues (with permission, of course, so perhaps not your competitors) so people can take your message away with them.


Again, the design of a flyer needs to be uncluttered and not too wordy. In an ideal world, people can take away the flyer or leaflet and find out more on your website. Consider adding a unique discount code so you can track your campaign for effectiveness.


Use good quality paper stock with your prints - they can help your flyers stand out with a bit of 'feel appeal'. It's best not to be tempted to print them out yourself, it’s a bit naff and unprofessional (and getting them printed isn't very expensive these days and probably cheaper than your printer's ink).


Size does matter - postcard size (A6) is very popular, but I rather like the added extra that a nice thick A5 card offers and DL (envelope size) can also be very effective. There’s also the classic z-folded A4 or gate-leg flyer which gives you 6 panels to play with. Flyers can be a great first step towards a brochure with plenty of space to play with. Again, a thicker stock is advisable here to prevent comparisons with the somewhat clichéd takeaway menu and there are also different textures and eco-conscious options to explore.


You don’t have to stick to standard sizes either - die-cutting or folding can give you unique shapes and formats that can make your flyer stand out amongst the crowd on the doormat or leaflet dispenser unit.


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