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Let's keep this brief because I hate talking about myself....

After all, my business is all about your business.

I have two passions in life. One is creating lovely things for people, the other is exploring the world. I’m lucky in that I have been able to indulge these things, both separately and concurrently.


I’m a freelance graphic designer, with over 25 years of experience in marketing - both as an employee and as a business owner. I have been privileged to work with some amazing and talented people who have inspired me and helped me to become the designer I am today. It’s been a fairly long and variable journey, with a number of full circles along the way. Design-wise, I love circles.


Even back in my school days (long, long, looooong time ago) I had an interest in the qwerty keyboard - taking a course in typing at the delicate age of 13. I was, as you might imagine, mercilessly ribbed for this. However, given the direction towards the necessity to type in the modern age I think I’ve had the last laugh.


My working career (I’ll come to the travel aspect in a second) has involved working up to board level on marketing projects in industries such as recruitment and law. After a mid-life episode akin to running away with the circus, I also ran a successful business that helped businesses achieve a better online presence for over twelve years. That is something, on a freelance basis, that I continue to do.


And the travel. I was lucky enough to have worked as cabin crew back in the 90’s. It’s a career I dipped back into some years ago which has allowed me to tick off some of those bucket-list experiences in life - Petra, Pyramids, and The Great Wall of China among them. Watch out for my travel blog which I'm currently working on. Despite traversing the globe on a fairly routine basis, this offers a surprising amount of time off, which allows me to utilise my creative skills for a number of businesses on a regular or less regular basis.


Good planning means that I can juggle my schedules effectively. A laptop and free internet mean that if emergency needs must, I can tinker away in the confines of my hotel to keep my clients happy. 


Anyway. That’s enough about me. Tell me about yourself and your business or project and let’s see what I can offer to make you and your enterprise look sensational!

Let's start a journey together and make your business look as amazing as it is!

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