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Get online in these easy steps:


  1. Speak to me.

  2. Let's choose a domain name.

  3. Decide what you want the website to do and how it should look.

  4. Let me build it for you.



why have a website?


Let’s face it, the majority of business activity has at least one foot, if not both, firmly planted in the online pool. Like it or not, the internet is here to stay and if your business is not part of it, you could be falling behind your competitors.


The advent of smartphones and developments into voice-activated web-based devices ("hey, google!') mean that a reasonable web presence is pretty much essential. Search engines will look for well-built websites with what we call 'search engine optimisation or SEO' in order to work out whether or where to display your business in their search results. This makes good web design vital.

A good website can obviously help people, whether just around the corner or across the globe, to find your business and discover the products and services you offer. It's even better if they can 'seize the day' and purchase or book on your website then and there. Your website can also help to increase customer confidence that you are a bona fide business offering quality services and products. A bad website or no website at all might give customers a negative impression and they'll quickly move on to the next supplier.


The increase in online trading has been quite astonishing over the last few years, as people have adapted to a new way of living during lockdowns. Local businesses have been quick to adapt with restaurants and pubs turning their hand to takeaways, retailers moving to online sales and fitness.



After a decade of helping clients gain a presence on the internet, I am now building client websites exclusively on the Wix platform, rather than using the likes of WordPress or building a website from the ground up with lots of complex coding - which might have some in my industry clutching their virtual pearls.


The reason is simple really. Wix has developed a platform that is reasonably easy for people to pick up. Many of my clients can go in and make simple amendments, as well as use the blogging, e-commerce and payments, galleries, and other content functions, easily. Wix offers various plans, tailored to the features your new website will have and these display well across all devices - so why reinvent the wheel? It also keeps the costs of creating and maintaining a quality website at a reasonable level. Take a look at the websites I have created below to see how great your new website could be.


Website Portfolio

Let's start a journey together and make your business look as amazing as it is!

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