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Take the first step in dipping your business toes into a professional, great looking online presence.

Let's grab a coffee, have a phone chat and explore ways in which I can help you get your digital business journey started.



why have a website?


Let’s face it, the majority of business activity has at least one foot, if not both, firmly planted in the online pool. Like it or not, the internet is here to stay and if your business is not part of it, you could be falling behind your competitors.


The advent of smartphones and developments into voice-activated web-based devices ("hey, google!') mean that a reasonable web presence is pretty much essential. Search engines will look for well-built websites with what we call 'search engine optimisation or SEO' in order to work out whether or where to display your business in their search results. This makes good web design vital.

A good website can obviously help people, whether just around the corner or across the globe, to find your business and discover the products and services you offer. It's even better if they can 'seize the day' and purchase or book on your website then and there. Your website can also help to increase customer confidence that you are a bona fide business offering quality services and products. A bad website or no website at all might give customers a negative impression and they'll quickly move on to the next supplier.



After a decade of helping clients gain a presence on the internet, I am now building client websites exclusively on the Wix platform - one of the World's most popular web-building platforms. They have all of the features available that most small businesses need - from simple editing of text and images to a full suite of excellent online solutions - bookings, online payments, marketing emails, social media, blogging and membership areas, letting my clients' businesses soar. Your Wix dashboard will become your business dashboard in communicating with your customers and managing your business.


Take a look at the websites I have created below to see how great your new website could be.

Website Portfolio

Let's start a journey together and make your business look as amazing as it is!

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